At Major Medical our goal is to be a medical home for our patients from birth to adult hood. Primary care services include new born exams, adolescent exams, physical exams, geriatric care and screenings. Dr. Major prides himself on having lasting relationships with each of his patients to ensure quality of care throughout each phase of life.

Wellness Physicals

Annual wellness visits are offered for Medicare/Medicaid patients. During your visit we will review your family and medical history, develop and update your provider and prescription list, evaluate your cognitive state, make specialist referrals as needed and provide a personal health care plan to contribute to the longevity of your life.

Men’s Health

Your health is our priority – our men’s health visits include, but are not limited to, prostate exams, erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, incontinence management and cancer screenings. Dr. Major emphasizes the importance of annual exams and takes the time to learn your anatomy to provide a customized plan to reach your optimized health.

Women’s Health

As a woman it is imperative to understand your body through each phase of life. From your routine pap smear, to vaginal care, breast exams, menopause and incontinence management, Major Medical provides pristine expertise to guarantee you are in good health every step of the way.

Weight Loss Consultations

Are you struggling with weight loss? Major Medical has an array of treatment plans to help you lose and keep off excess weight. In combination with treatments such as B-12 Shots and HCG Injections Dr. Major applies his medical expertise to determine the best treatment based on your overall health assessment. Phentermine Management and Weight Loss Surgery Consultations are also available by patient request.