Major Medical provides additional services to better care for our patients

DME Supplies (Orthopedic Braces)

Care does not end when you leave our practice. Through DME Supply we offer braces and care supplies to contribute to your healing at home. Braces for back, ankles knee and wrist are available, as well as wound care supplies

To see if you qualify through insurance or to purchase braces and supplies contact 301.585.1833

Diagnostic Ultrasound and Biopsy

Through ultrasound guided biopsies Dr. Major diagnoses pathological lesions in the vital internal organs. Additionally Dr. Major performs ultrasound guided joint injections to reduce inflammation.

Cardiac Monitoring

Heart health is vital for the longevity of your life.  Major Medical uses a number of tests and monitors to determine if your heart is performing to the best of its ability. Tests and monitors used range from Holter Monitors, EKGs, EKG Stress Tests and ECHO (ultrasound of the heart).

Sleep Studies

Home sleep studies are prescribed to track your sleep patterns in your natural state. This study diagnoses sleep apnea as well as other sleep disorders. Upon diagnoses Dr. Major gives an assessment and future plan of treatment.


Major Medical understands the health of your skin correlates directly to your overall well being. Dermatological treatments such as acne management, skin biopsies, mass removals and cosmetics are offered to ensure we meet all of your medical concerns.